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Mission Statement

To ensure all students reach their highest potential through acquisition of the academic and work skills required to successfully enter the job market or pursue advanced training/education.

Educational Mission, Purpose & Objective

Cosmetology and Instructor Trainee Training are vocations that offer students the possibility of a meaningful career that can bring many rewards dependent only upon the individuals’ talent, effort and ability based on scientific and academic training principles. Both men and women have equal opportunity to advance in these fields. It is the intent of the North Olympic Peninsula Skills Center School of Cosmetology to thoroughly train students in the art and science of cosmetology and the instructor trainee course so that they may obtain gainful employment within the industry. To achieve this goal, our school has instituted the following objectives:
  1. To develop a knowledge, understanding, skill and appreciation of the theory and practice of this industry.
  2. To develop habits of completing tasks properly in the interest of safety, sanitation and personal hygiene for one’s self and others.
  3. To develop habits of good workmanship and the orderly performance of various tasks performed in a shop/salon.
  4. To impact knowledge and develop the technical skills required in the practice of Cosmetology or Instructor in the beauty industry.
  5. To learn to select wisely, use properly and maintain the commercial products that are related to the application of cosmetic treatment in the beauty industry.
  6. To encourage growth and desire to keep abreast of new and unique developments in the practice of Cosmetology, Barbering, Esthetics, Manicuring and Instructor Training.
  7. To encourage ideals and attitudes of willingness to cooperate with employers, employees and clients.
  8. To develop an appreciation of the scientific contributions to the progress of Cosmetology and Instruction.
  9. To encourage all to strive for the establishment of methodical habits and performance.
  10. To develop the required knowledge

Enrollment Information

The North Olympic Peninsula Skills Center, Studio 121 - School of Cosmetology, is now accepting new students for September 1st classes. Details to remember when considering enrollment:
  1. If you are between the ages of 16 and 21 and do not have a high school diploma, you can enroll for Cosmetology, Manicuring, Barbering or Esthetics at Studio 121 through the NOPSC. Contact the Skills Center at (360) 565-1533.
  2. For those who currently have their high school diploma, or are over the age of 21, you can still enroll with us through Peninsula College. Please contact Nicole at (360) 417-6335 with any questions regarding enrollment. College Tuition is due no later than August 19th!

Business Info


  • Lori Pennington-Dau, Cosmetology and Manicuring Instructor
  • Susan Witherow, Cosmetology, Barbering, Manicuring, Master Esthetician, and Instructor
Student Provided Services
Haircut Style only Shampoo Set Updo, Prom, Wedding Facial Shave/ Clippers Facial Shave/ Barber
Manicure Pedicure Mani/Pedi Add Parafinn Shellac Manicure or Pedicure Gel or Acrylic NAILS (FULL SET) Gel or Acrylic Fill Gel Overlay Shellac Removal Gel or Acrylic Removal
Facial Wax Face (per area) Wax Body/ Under Arm Wax Body/ Lower Leg or Back Artificial Lash Application
Color Color Additional Charge Color Retouch Foil Foil Additional Charge Foil Peek-a-Boo Foil Peek-a-Boo Additional Foils Partial Foil
Permanent Wave Specialty Permanent Wave Permanent Wave Extra Solution
For the complete list and price guide, Click Here.

If you have any questions and/or comments about Studio 121, NOPSC School of Cosmetology, please contact us. We look forward to hearing from you.

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