This 500 hour course prepares students for the skills necessary to pass the Washington State Board written and practical examination necessary for licensing, and the competency to obtain an entry level position in the field of instruction in the trainees area of specific training, Cosmetology, Barbering, Manicuring, and Esthetics.


Teaching Methods, Instructor Trainee shall learn various methods of teaching including demonstrations, lectures, discussions and hands on training.
Classroom setup & Organization, learn to set up a classroom and organize materials necessary for instruction.                            
Topic/subject matter preparation, work on presenting various subjects in multiple ways for the best student learning outcome.                                   
Student Assignments, Materials & Supplies, prepare assignments, including the necessary materials and supplies to successfully train students enabling them complete assignments successfully. 
Recordkeeping, test evaluations & reporting, learn recordkeeping necessary for compliance with state regulations, testing evaluation and reporting of grades, hours and scores.
Lectures, set up, prepare materials in several areas of study and execute lectures knowledgably including the ability to answer questions on the given topic.                       
Demonstrations, perform and demonstrate various activities individually and also as hands on teaching. Questions & answers, prepare questions and answers for quizzes, tests, discussions and training.                                              
Project methods & Discussions, learn several project methods and hold discussions on multiple subjects and activities.                              
Clinic supervision, supervise students on the clinic floor, including helping with training and student/client management.                                                   
Classroom management & Client relations, manage the classroom, including set up assignments, administer tests and quizzes, schedule and grading processes. Work with students and clients to build rapport within the program between students, clients and staff.           
Written/practical assessment, understanding of written and practical assessments and the knowledge to prepare both written and practical assessments.                                   
Communication Skills, the ability to communicate effectively in any situation regarding students, staff, parents of students and supervisors.

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