This 725 hour course prepares students for the skills necessary to pass the Washington State Board written and practical examination necessary for licensing, and the competency to obtain an entry level position in the Esthetics field.


  • Theory of the practice of esthetics services.
  • Skin Care of the face, neck and hands including hot compresses, massage, electrical or mechanical appliances or chemical compounds
  • Facial services, including facials & makeup application.
  • Temporary hair removal, of superfluous hair of the face, neck and hands by tweezing, waxing, tape, chemicals, lotions, creams, mechanical or electrical apparatus and appliances.
  • Disinfection of individual work stations, individual equipment and tools and proper use and storage of linens and supplies.
  • Diseases & disorders of the skin of the face, neck and hands.
  • Safety, including proper use and storage of chemicals, implements and electrical appliances.
  • First aid as it relates to esthetics.
  • Business Management & Communication, skills necessary to own or work in a salon, retail sales, client relations, advertising and employee/employer communication skills.

no more than 25% of skills training using mannequins

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